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Construction litigation frequently stems from roofing issues. That's why it's important to safeguard your roofing work with a certified professional consultant.

IRSC provides customers with comprehensive and cost-effective roof inspections, evaluations, installation planning, design, and project management services. We are comprehensive experts, and we pride ourselves on being judicious and fair.

We are not aligned with any contractors or manufacturers. We simply help you get your project done — at the best cost, quality, and efficiencies possible.

Upon engagement, an IRSC regional representative will meet with your team to determine your issues, then help you determine your course of action. We don't recommend costly replacement, when a simple repair will do. And, we don't implement shortcuts, when larger issues are at hand. We simply ensure you get the necessary work done right and help you maintain your warranties.

Our services include:

  • Roofing Evaluation
    General inspections of a roofing system to identify and qualify needs to support roof integrity, code compliance, and organizational requirements.
  • Infrared Roof Moisture Surveys
    IRSC utilizes the latest technologies to detect latent moisture held within your roofing system, which could result in future challenges. Our practitioners will help you understand the particular issues of your geography, roof age, and the like, and provide CAD sketches of your system along with a five-year plan for maintenance and safety.
  • Storm Damage Assessment
    Tornadoes, hail, windstorms, and other events can jeopardize your roofing. IRSC consultants can promptly assess their effects, helping you determine next steps.
  • Project Management
    IRSC's comprehensive project management services span bid coordination, pre-construction counsel, activity management, and post-project review.
  • Technical Assistance and Support
    IRSC offers full-time expertise from our staffed quality compliance inspectors, CAD roofing specialists, and registered roof consultants. Trust IRSC to monitor selected contractors and agents to oversee compliance with quality and warranty expectations.
  • Roof Repair and Replacement Oversight
    Whether you are just considering materials or have already selected your installer, IRSC can provide the experienced guidance and supervision that ensure maximum return on your investment.

IRSC is committed to your success. We also support customers with a series of workshops and programs to help build your knowledge and abilities with your specific roofing.